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Dr. Avi Rubin

Avi RubinDr. Rubin is a Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University and Technical Director of the JHU Information Security Institute. His primary research area is Computer Security, and latest research focuses on security for electronic medical records. He is also President and Co-Founder of a computer security consulting company, Independent Security Evaluators, founded in January, 2005 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland

Prior to joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins, he worked in the Secure Systems Research Department at AT&T Labs - Research. His work there was in the area of cryptography, network security, Web security and secure Internet services. Before AT&T, he worked at Bellcore (now Telcordia) in Applied Research. He received his B.S. (‘89), M.S.E. (‘91), and Ph.D. (‘94) in Computer Science from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Dr. Matthew Green

Dr. Green is an Assistant Research Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University. He completed a PhD in 2008 with advisors Dr. Susan Hohenberger and Dr. Avi Rubin. His research focus is in the area of applied cryptography, specifically on developing new privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols that allow users to access their data without revealing which data they access. Additionally, He has been working on new signature techniques to support authentication in high-performance ad-hoc networks.

As a secondary focus, he works in the area where cryptography and systems research intersect. This involves understanding the practical aspects of cryptographic systems, implementing cryptographic protocols, and in some cases reverse-engineering deployed systems. He also teaches an introductory course on this subject. Additionally, he has designed several cryptographic libraries, including most recently a Functional Encryption library that implements several new Attribute Based Encryption schemes.

Dr. Stephen Checkoway

Dr. Checkoway is an Assistant Research Professor at Johns Hopkins University. He completed his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California, San Diego under Dr. Hovav Shacham. His primary research interests are in (embedded) systems security, health IT security, and voting--particularly in voting security and post-election auditing.





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