Ian Miers

Ian Miers is a Ph.D. student in the Health and Medical Security lab at The Johns Hopkins University. His primary research interests include the relation between cryptography and identity, privacy preserving cryptographic protocols, and the design of secure systems that are both developer and user friendly. He has worked on anonymous cryptographic currencies, anonymous attestation and notification for  sexually transmitted disease test results,  and attribute based encryption in medical record. For this work he won the Michael J. Muuss Research Award for Undergraduate Research. He is one of the primary developers on the Charm cryptographic library.  Prior to returning to JHU, he worked as a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft  on large scale email filtering and fault tolerant storage of large graphs with fast access.


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  • Zerocoin: Anonymous Distributed e-Cash from Bitcoin.  Ian Miers, Christina Garman, Matthew Green, Aviel D. Rubin.  To appear in IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland 2013). ePrint available shortly.
  • Charm: A Framework for Rapidly Prototyping Cryptosystems. Joseph  Akinyele, Christina Garman,  Ian Miers, Matthew W. Pagano, Michael Rushanan,  Matthew Green, Aviel D. Rubin. To appear Journal of Cryptographic Engineering




  • Charm: cryptographic library written in Python to facilitate intuitive, modular, and reusable development and analysis of cryptographic schemes and protocols.